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advantages of this way to build

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  • Living surrounding is the best base of a healthy life.

  • experience of nature will produce environmental awareness.

  • Cooperation plant/human :
    Waste water and compostable rubbisch is no longer pollution. It is food for the home.

  • According to the treespecies you can harvest fruits on top of your dome or you can cut firewood as a yearly cutting.

  • Symbiosis: What you breath out (CO2) the tree breath in.
    The tree breath out (O2) what you breath in.

  • Cheap building materials, cheap building (planting) site.

  • The whoöe building is full compostable.

  • No waste dump for further generations.

  • Positive impacts on the inhabitant: feel the conection to mother earth, feeling of harmony, feeling of furture, good situation to feel yourself.

  • Return of the values:
    In the past: humans produce rubbisch, waste water, pollution, ...
    The old recommendation: heat less, use less water, less ..., less ...
    ... live less?
    With treedomes: human live produces food for your own home!
    The new recommendation: Using water is fine, produce (compostable) waste is allright, ...
    ... the life is good!

  • For manager and decision-makers: the living situation will support your power of creating total new business visions.

  • ...